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The damlining system comprises a geotextile fabric that is impregnated with a rubberised bitumen emulsion to create an impermeable membrane. The system is cost-effective and has been used extensively in earth dams, oxidation ponds and canals. It is also suitable for use in concrete reservoirs, asbestos tanks, animal drinking troughs, concrete canals etc.

Viaseal Waterblok is a sealing compound comprising a mineral filled bitumen emulsion made from a refined grade of bitumen. It contains a high percentage of rubber latex which imparts considerable elasticity to the dried film. It is an excellent sealing compound which after drying creates a highly elastic bituminous film which is impervious to water.

The dam lining is created by applying three successive layers of Viaseal Waterblok onto a high-strength geotextile fabric (150gm/m2). The first layer is diluted 50/50 with water to impregnate the fabric followed by two coats applied at full strength to seal the membrane and make it impermeable. Typically a total of 3 litres per sq.m. of Viaseal Waterblok is required per square metre of geofabric to seal joints and apply the required three coats.

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